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A crown might be considered if a tooth has severe decay, extensive restoration, a previous root canal, or is broken. Crowns can be made from different materials: metal (gold), porcelain fused to metal, pressed ceramic, etc.

Crowns are delivered in two appointments:

1st appointment: The tooth is initially numbed using local anesthesia. While the tooth is getting numb, an impression is taken to make the temporary crown. The entire tooth will then be shaped 1-2 mm down in order for the crown to sit on top. If a tooth requires a root canal due to infection or severe decay close to the pulp, it is recommended to get the root canal done first.

After the tooth is shaped, a digital impression will be taken to send to the lab for custom-making. The tooth will then be temporized.

2nd appointment: The crown is tried on. Margin, bite, and contact are checked. Adjustments are made accordingly. A final radiograph is taken prior to seating it permanently. Once the doctor and patient are satisfied with the fit, the crown will be cemented.

Come visit us at Riverview Dental and allow Dr. Chowdhury to address your dental crowns!

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